You’re welcome to start a discussion about vaguely Sam-related hardware, but please don’t just post collections of unrelated links. 

the top link is a sam coupe running in sim coupe and using 39 records(disks) of screen$ replaying them with a BASIC program

the zx prism is a 56MHz80! i know wow!

the ula+ and the spectra is for the spectrum

the interlaced mode is for the zx spectrum 128K with its two video ram banks

ok? Oh and if u scroll down to the gx4k cpc+ ghost n goblins link there's also a sonic the hedgehog conversion too!

but isn't it good to keep abreast of news on the zx spectrum front

the interlaced video mode is 256x384

and the ula+ and the spectra interface add 64 colour palette and 4pixel attributes or 2x2 pixel attributes not as good as sam mode 4 though!

have you seen the high colour video on youtube it has three mode 4 screen$ combined to give 72KB video ram and loadsa colours![]=SAM%20Coup%C3%A9

i cant login so cant eggnchips the site with my links!


1. girls aloud - b nice if it used ula+ and spectra or interlaced no?

2. spectranet - not interlaced though with only 6kb of pixel data it should be

3. (P) rick (Gh)astley - dreadful quality video couldn't even tell if it was interlaced! or ula+ spectra'd


well its been a while since i eggnchipsed the full screen animation and there is now a second one for the sam - its a music video by suzi quatro not really my cup of tea but i guess its my own fault for using the danny boy tune  on the original sam full screen video animation - was hoping to get Chris White to see it but he swears zynga have blocked his  machine from any link viewing - hes on skype but no video conference either

we used bmp2scr:

available here and from lcd website: Leszek Daniel Chmielewski

who wrote the python script which i still haven't been able to get working and of course Edwin Blink for the fantastic atom lite and BDOS -  now compatible with masterdos master basic but were still waiting for the master basic code to run in the external 1mb ram interface after masterdos has detected it...

can anyone get me a login for world of spectrum forum

and here:

And world of spectrum please...

This next link to the spectra inter face is busted

Zx prism also link not busted

Ula+ link works though u can't buy them from the site you need sellmyretro website

Next link was girls aloud full screen animation with sample but nowhere near as good as sam

Next link not busted

Next link not busted

Velesoft excellent hardware site but bit difficult to navigate

Mb-02+ hi density disk interface with DMA so multitech Sam mode 2 graphics on the spectrum

Byte delight wanna connect a raspberry pie to your spectrum for HDMI... fantastic site

Finally Anton's brilliant full screen animation but we need help with the sample quality which isn't as good as the girls aloud or the rick Ashley... Help please...

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If you would like up-to-date information on ULAplus then please visit

The site that you listed is old and out of date. It is no longer in use. I think you'll be surprised with the content in the new group.



ULAplus content can be found here at


The website you listed is old and massively out of date.

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The link you've provided is old and out of date. Dont use that old ULAplus website. Use this one for further information:

We also have a graphics artist in the group that can recreate 16 colour artwork that is suitable for the Sam. Join up and check it all out.


is anyone following the zx spectrum next development?

28mhz80n with 512 colour palette and 48kb video ram (256x192 byte per pixel) and even 512x192 but only monochrome so i guess that is 12kb like the timex not like sams mode 3 ...

this is an interlaced spectrum graphics site looks promising prefer the zx prism to be honest though that only has 32kb of video ram so not much real progress then!


this might not be the program it might be a whole heap of screen$ as an atom lite hdf file like my six year old head demo and Anton's suzy quatro demo- was hoping we'd have loads more but guess people aren't interested in converting game graphics from the arcade direct to sam for GRAB and PUT...!AuLg4SNbLYQcmX00QBEjL0MTvvjF

what would be really nice is if the link takes you to my online drive for both google and skydrive from hotmail but i don't think it does nevermind eh?!

Not too sure that the next is 28mhz after all pity you'd need at least double that to really handle the 48kb of video ram and whatever resolutions the tile map mode supports...

Supposed to be 56mhz but only 32kb of video ram tried asking him to increase but says fpga won't have n e more... next crowd not interested In texture mapped polygons...

Someone has doom running on cbm64 super cpu also there's a video of four emulators running side by side luckily no one has done it with 4x commode 128d p yet

well that is it folks i made it to 10k views so no more emails from me you'll be pleased to here....

The text editing and link/url detection doesn't work in the text box for comments please help...

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I 've tried to tidy things up a bit and report busted links dunno y so many don't work maybe it's my fone...yup they seem to work now...

N e 1 know why they didn't use tile mode?