2014 Edition of SID Soundchip Interface released by Quazar.


Marking the start of my own celebrations for the 25th Anniversary of the SAM Coupé I’ve launched a new, improved version of my SID Soundchip Interface.

Originally released back in 2003, my SID Interface allowed the SAM to use the soundchip from a Commodore 64. This all stemmed from my own small pet project exploring old forms of computer sound - with it’s unique sound the SID soundchip remains very popular with computer audiophiles to this day.

As I needed another batch of PCBs for the SID Interface I decided it was time to add some improvements. The 2014 edition features an onboard DC to DC convertor to generate the supply voltage for the SID soundchip so an external PSU is no longer required. The circuit board is also a golden yellow colour marking the 25th Anniversary of the SAM Coupe, and is styled to match my other recent hardware such as the Trinity Ethernet Interface and the 2 Way Euroconnector Expansion card.

Bundled with the interface is a disk of software, featuring Simon Owen’s marvelous .sid playback code. Using a software emulator to run 6510 machine code (the Commodore 64’s processor) the SAM is able to run .sid music files in realtime (essentially partial C64 emulation on the SAM!) so there’s now the ability to listen to thousands of C64 music files.

The new 2014 edition of the SID Soundchip Interface is priced at £44.99 and is available now.

Kind regards,


Great pièce of art

Just buy it and found a SID (not fake one).

I will test it very soon.

Great Work Colin!


I bought one a while ago,

I bought one a while ago, but the new version with the DC-DC converter is even better. Colin kindly modified mine to the new style. Great!

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