Stefan Drissen

Stefan Drissen


Solar Flare


A long long long time ago: learnt basic on the Atari 2600 (63 bytes of memory)

A long long time ago: learnt basic / basic machine code on the Sinclair Spectrum (woah 48k)
A long time ago: sharpened Z80 machine code skills on the SAM Coupe (a wopping 512k) resulting in various demos, the SAM MOD player and even one commercial title (Sophistry).

Also somehow part of Entropy, the coding group that kicked MNEMOtech butt (well it would have, had Statues of Ice been released… ;-))

Where are they now?


Doing functional design / software architecture for financial and project accounting software developed in Progress 4GL, supporting Progress, Oracle, MS SQL Server and DB2/400 databases. Occassionaly dabbling in the sources to make sure ‘can’t be done’ can never be used as an answer…