Warren Lee

Warren Lee


Graphical Artist & Programmer.

I have had three games published for the SAM, all written with the brilliant Games Master program, and with graphics created in the equally impressive SAMPaint.

The 1st was ‘Invasion’, back on FRED 58. This was a straight forward sideways scrolling space shoot-em-up, with three levels.

2nd was Sniper Fire, published on FRED 75. I basically wanted to do a fun game that utilized the mouse, for something other than dragging and dropping.

3rd and most importantly, ‘Invasion II’, written as a platform sequel to ‘Invasion’. This was published far more recently, on SAM Revival issue 10. I also recently discovered, much to my joy, that it was quite favourably mentioned with a couple of screen-shots (albeit briefly) in issue 9 of Retro Gamer magazine, in an article about SAM revival. (Many thanks to Colin Piggot for publishing it.) More recently, it was also mentioned as one of the top 10 SAM games in issue 74 (Feb 2010) of Retro Gamer.

So a bit about me… I started way back with a 48k ZX Spectrum, and progressed to a 128k +2, no doubt similarly to most people here. I progressed to a SAM Coupé, and to this day, it remains my favourite computer of all time. Nothing could compare to the friendly nature of the coupe, and the ease with which I learnt with it.


Where are they now?

Now, I design and program educational software, primarily in Flash & occasionally Director. Please feel free to get in touch!