Chris Pile

Coder of Pro-Dos and Defender.

Member of Digital Reality with Balor Knight.

Where is he now?

Anyone know? Did he write anything else for the SAM after Defender?


I don’t know for the SAM, but might he be the same Chris Pile as mentioned in this Wikipedia article?

It is the same Chris Pile.

It is the same Chris Pile. There was an interview that covered the virii in one of the later Blitz disk mags.

Quazar : Hardware, Software, Spares and Repairs for the Sam Coupe
April 1995-2006 - Celebrating 11 Years of developing for the Sam Coupe

Yes, to confirm - it is the

Yes, to confirm - it is the same Chris.

Chris Pile other Software.

Chris also wrote Dr Kode assembler for the ZX Spectrum, as well as, Dr Scroll VTX500 software. There was also a version of Dr Scroll SAM, bur never got released.

Chris is a very talented Z80 program and like others I wish he would continue to do some coding for the SAM. Please don’t let these skills go to waste.


As far as I’m aware he’s

As far as I’m aware he’s no longer involved with computers or assembly language programming.

Yes and DrScroll for Sam and

Yes and DrScroll for Sam and the VTXer interface was coded with Dr Kode on a spectrum emulator! I have the source here, as I designed the VTxer .

Sometimes still in touch with Chris, and on occasion he does still code.

I wish him luck with whatever he wants to do!

Wayne Weedon


load snap into ram?
let a$=mem$(32768 to 32768+16384)
let b$=mem$(32768+16384 to 32768+32768)
out hmpr - page in external ram into port 127and 128
poke 32768, a$+b$
not a chance
then can anyone figure out how to modify the im2 so that insteda of 50hz it uses line interrupt 192 - changes vmpr to mode 2,3or 4 - + add line interrup 0 alter vmpr mode back to 1?
not a single freescape 48 snap benefit from a bit more oomph?


Hi, i posted in another thread (on your DEFENDER port) i think its terrific and is a real blast from the past, especially myself as I’m from the very same era of the original game.

Currently I’m writing a game for the iPhone/iPad to spark up nostalgia of the old style (what i call REAL arcade games).

i would appreciate any heads up on your DEFENDERS A.I. Such as enemy seeking, explode/implode and laser trail routines/algorithms. I have implemented my own A.I. but i would like to gain some more ideas and inspiration from the classic game version. Your port is brilliant.

Id be happy to give you a copy of the finale product as a thank you.


Chris code assembler for the

Chris code assembler for the ZX Spectrum is wonderful. It really helped me. Chris is really a relented guy. He has many software’s on his credit.

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