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Flexibase Software
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Gloucester based magazine publisher synominous with

Frank Kirby


František Fuka František Fuka Fuxoft

Coder and Musician.

FRED logo FRED Publishing

FRED Publishing was the commercial arm of

Frode Tennebø The President


G. Morris


Gareth Pitchford

ZX Spectrum adventure game author, playtester, and reviews editor for the

Garner Designs

Production moniker of

Gary Thomas

Coder with

Gavin Smith Gavin Smith

Producer of

Ged Corner

Associate of

Geoff Bobker GA Bobker

Proprietor of

Geoff Bridges


Geoff Winkless Master Coder

Coder of

George Boyle


Glen Benson
Glen Cooke

Coder with


Software house that produced

GM Software

Software house from

Picture of me at the Leicester Space Centre a few years back Gordon Wallis HEXdidn't..., 1-9-9-2

Graphic artist and budding game designer.

Graham Burtenshaw

Founder and editor of

Graham Goring Pog, GaspCo, Anonimity Smith

Coder and Artist, wrote the original Sam FAQ at the

Graham Mason Turbo

Speccy coder and assisted with the

Graham Tattersall