Dennis van Berkel

Dennis van Berkel




I did some little demos for the ZX Spectrum in the eighties. In the early nineties I got myself a SAM Coupé. Made some small demos for this machine too (Destroyer, Childish, Wall Of Sound and Final Startrek). Also created a SAM remake of my Spectrum demo Skully, with a downsampled voice of myself.

At some point I started on a SAM version of the Spectrum game 'Logo' (by Matt & Ziutek). It never got to see the light of day because of bad sectors on the source floppy :(. I think there was a screenshot in my 'Childish' demo for Challengers PD. Some music was already specially made for this game by František Fuka, still must have the music somewhere. There's also an open beta for an Android version that I'm 'working on' for years now :).

With some highschool mates we made plans for an action/adventure game called School-Base, with characters based on our teachers. This project also never got finished, but I do still have some unfinished parts / graphics. Later on I used some of the graphics in 'The Wall Of Sound' demo for FRED magazine.

At some point in time there was college, moving to the city, growing up etc., so SAM got stacked in the attic. Tried booting it up years later, but never got it working again ... it died on me :(. So I searched, found and bought another SAM on ebay (for a fair price at the time), however never got to programming for the Z80 again.

Nowadays I'm a backend (PHP) webdeveloper.

Passed away in March 2022.

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