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A coding group formed in 1994 by Andrew Collier. Mostly concerned with the art of demo coding, but also released other programs in various genres. Founding MNEMOtech members were:

Andrew Collier
Ian Collier
David Zambonini
Dan Zambonini
Paul Horridge
Marc Broster
Paul Crompton
Wayne Coles

and were later joined by

Les Quinn
Martijn Groen
Graham Goring
James R Curry
Sean Bernard
Robert Pain
David Brant


Quite by accident, Martijn ended up being in both MNEMOtech and Entropy, as he accepted invitations from both Andrew Collier and Simon Cooke who each had sent them at the same time, not knowing about the other.

Wayne and Graham “defected” to Entropy to release Stax on Fred 71