Sorry for the downtime - the server had a new version of php installed which deprecated something this site’s code was doing. Let me know if anything behaves oddly. (Or more oddly than usual, anyway. Probably need to re-engineer the entire thing in a non-ancient version of drupal, really…)

Recent posts acting weird?

Stars and Sprites does not show up on recent posts, but Google did find it… or are you deliberately hiding it?

It’s probably related to

It’s probably related to me having written the post a year ago or so, and only just published it.

Password change not available

Just joined. Followed link to create my own password instead of the system generated one and there is no option to change anything.
Or am I just looking in the wrong place?


Hmm. You seem to have a

Hmm. You seem to have a point, there.

Sorry about the long long

Sorry about the long long long waiting time but I think this is now fixed.


i’m getting the same as B, there’s nothing on the edit page.
also seem to be logging out all the time too.

10 year old posts shown as 45 years old

I had apparently missed some ‘new’ posts in the last few years so had a browse through the recent posts, when you get to page 25 ( notice last post date as 45 years 46 weeks ago…

All older posts are shown with this age, regardless of their actual age.

Some silly maths going on?

moved again has been moved off the old shared host onto an new server in central London. Let me know if you spot anything (more) broken (than previously).

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