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tap2hdf.py.txt (9.43 KB)

This python script will load files from a ZX Spectrum .tap file (such as the output for Retro-X animation conversions) and output an .hdf hard disk image file, which can be loaded by SimCoupe as the Atom disk, containing those files in BDOS records.

Edwin Blink Leszek Chmielewski Andrew Collier AleŇ° Keprt

BIG thanks again!


it did have 1,500vu3ds but luckily psomeione removed it for copyright reasons? cant get it reinstated without sending a million emails to youtube have stuffed the demonstration videos from ati site in the skydrive folder where the atom lite hdf file is and tap tzx versions of same thing sim coupe no tap tzx support but AleŇ° Keprt emulator does:

still no rzx support!


file on disc called
can be used with hdf file if you unzip the hdf file first (unlike the discs that don’t need unzipping in sim coupe)
tried to transfer bdos but it was an inf file dunno how to get sim coupe to use the patched .inf?
was hoping to convert a 512x384 interlaced - would love it if someone could include a player to get hmpr bits 5&6 for 16 colours per scan line on a mode 3 screen especially if bmp2scr when converting managed to combine colours to provide closer match say over four pixels two scan lines? anyone help Mr Chmielewski (pronounced chmewlski?)
would love to see an interlaced mode 3 animation just once - hmprbits5&6 scan line external ram code 18 palette changes according to other WOS article: first three palette changes instead modify bits 5& 6 gives you16 colours DMA does this in less than 4 pixels full colour palette per line - easier to blend colours together?
can anyone use masterdos&masterbasic - would it load screen$ any faster? can basic be put in external 1mb? or do we need mcode? could mcode allow alteration to number of records/files per record -move .??? filename to .? then a question mark at the end as its a question- gets a bit fiddly when computers use punctuation for expressing some function and you need to use them in english!?
change screen$ modes work on interlacing two screen$ at a time while loading two others? rely on fast disc access in sim coupe until someone adds DMA to sam? or mayhem launched? - bit of a shame to use 20mhz of accelerator for 50hz animation though - she should be able to compress interframe and reduce the number of IN required to read whole screen$ mebbe? or dma mayhem?
all the best thanks for help especially LCD who was well miffed at receiving much eggnchips inbox - obviously no hp in dunemark!
Andrew you did the bounce squeeze mnemodemo bit at the beginning of mnemodemo][!
its a pity the video thumbnail in youtube wont let me select a frame from the last section of the demo though! mind you i’ve had to fight with it to set the location as rockall!

animation v2

full screen animation thanks to fast disk access which doesn’t seem to work when sim coupe alpha is being used to record video of the screen

once again big thanks to Anton Javorcek


includes sample though not terribly good quality can anyone do better please?

link busted thanks youtube


ok one last try

i tried to run the python script but i cant figure it out would someone be kind enough to do the same thing with this tap file
it should be mode 4 screens and needs to be an atom hdf file please:



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