Which rumoured work-in-progress would you most like to see finished?


Pacmania & Twinworld

I would’ve loved to have seen these two Archimedes classics converted to the Sam, they would’ve suited the machine nicely….anyone agree widat?

Pacmania on the Sam

I dont know about Twinworlds but Pacmania should’ve made it over to the Sam, it would’ve been a nice addition indeed - another classic (although not very exciting!) title that the Sam needed - it would’ve gone down nicely with Klax & Prince of Persia. Maybe someone ‘ll pluck up the courage and make a third party version??? I think the Sam needs it…..maybe it’d go down nicely with the Mayhem Accelerator? I think so…..


There was a pacman style game released for the SAM. It was (is) called Muncher.



Wow, I had no idea that the egg was so popular. (And it’s a puzzle game. I thought people hated puzzle games?)

I was in touch with my ovide side

I played a lot of Dizzy, especially Fantasy World Dizzy which was most gratifying to complete.

I enjoyed the way he died as well, kind of shrinking into nothingness and going ‘pop’ :-)


I used to play Xybots on Spectrum a lot, it was just a great game. I’ve never had more then first level (it was pretty difficult to get original or at least complete version of some games here back in ‘94/’95), but still, lot of fun, 2 players… Sam version can be just a killer of all free time for a while.


I only voted for it because I’m owed royalties ;-)

Sam Coupe' Emulation

After downloading the ‘SIN COUPE’ Emulator it brought back memories of my early days with The SAM COUPE’ I got mine through mail order ,(I dont remember where from,it was the natural progression from the ZX 48 Spectrum) ,but it came WITHOUT the slim line floppy disk drive ,as they were not yet ready from the manufacturers. So there was an Installation tape ,which took just under half an hour to load. God what we put up with in the early days of the Coupe’ . I also subscribed to some magazines on floppy disk early on when the disk drive came . The first one was Sam Suppliment shortly followed by FRED of which I still have them all . I dont know if they are still published or are under copyright but if anyone knows how to copy the disks , as I have a PC now and have had one since 1997 . My Power Pack packed up many years ago so this is the first time I have seen the Coupe’ in almost 10 years , cant get the disks to load on this emulator ,hope there is some body out there that can help .My E_Mail address is trauts_navillus@yahoo.co.uk It would be nice to hear from a few old Coupe friends that I met at the old FORMAT SHOWS down in Gloucester in particular Dave Tonks from Walsall Bob Benchley Editor of the Format magazine of which I have volumes 1-11

Hope to hear from you soon. Still having fun with Computers

Stu Sullivan

Making Disk Images

You can make .MGT disk images using Sam Disk V2.0 from Simon Owen.

See the SAM Supplement page for details - there was a CDROM of all suppliment images that may still be available.

All the Fred images are on NVG and are (slowly, with snail like glacial progress) being added here.

Heh heh - I remeber loading the demo screens from tape and watching them build up in lines :-)

Oh yes, and feel free to add your potted biography to the Stu Sullivan page…

Time for a new poll? :)

Time for a new poll? How about favourite mag/disk mag? The SAM sure had enough of them!

OK, Done

New poll is up. (You all know you’re also able to create those, right?)

Who’ll be the first to tell me which magazines I missed?

I voted for Xybots, I think

I voted for Xybots, I think that would make a great Sam game!

I’d be interested in having a go at porting anything from the speccy to the Sam though.
If another dev could help with disassembling the spectrum game and making sense of the source I’d be confident enough to add new gfx and sound code and I’d be happy to put in the time to redraw graphics in 16 colours and remake any music in e-tracker.
Dizzy would be great except that it’s a Code Masters game. They might be a bit cease-and-desisty about it.. ;)


F-16 Combat Pilot.

F-16 Combat Pilot.

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