Floppy Disk Formats


As part of the ‘NVG DSKification Project’ all the disk images on NVG have been converted to a common acceptable format.

In an attempt to be consistant and to tidy up the myriad of disk formats please take the following into account when uploading.

Acceptable Formats

  • DSK/MGT - Raw Disk image created by Sam Disk V2.0
  • EDSK - Extended Disk format (coming soon).
  • TAP - For tape-only media.

Disk images should be compressed with ZIP compression - please do not use other compression algorithms.

Legacy Formats

Please avoid using these formats and convert any images before uploading.

  • SDF - Si Owen’s custom disk format.
  • SAD - Aley Keprt’s Disk format.
  • TD0 - Teledisk format.
  • PAK - Rumsoft PAK archive, not a disk format.
  • LIB/LCB - Library Archive, not a disk format.
  • BAS - Tokenised BASIC file, not a disk format.

Conversion Tools

compression formats

Personally I’d argue that gz compression is acceptable too - simcoupe opens both directly. (Plus, tools to create it are Free software and widely available on all platforms).

Compression Formats

ZIP was chosen for the NVG re-org as it is the widest supported algorithm and native/available in so many OS’s.

Prior to that NVG had 800-odd images compressed with ZIP, GZ, TGZ and RAR formats. ZIP was by far the most prevelant and in an attempt to control the format of the archive it was chosen as the compression of choice.

Problems with fdos0012.dsk file


I’m trying to extract the contents of fdos0012.dsk. Specifically, I would like to get the Sargon.lbr and Codewars.lbf files. I tried samdisk manager and samdisk, but got an error that it was the wrong file format. Any help would be greatly appriciated.

Many Thanks,



This is a Pro-Dos disk image, and is not in native SAMdos format. You need to be running Pro-Dos in order to view the files on this disk.

How to write DSK back from Linux?

Hi. I’m trying

dd if=thedisk.dsk of=/dev/fd0
dd if=the
disk.dsk of=/dev/fd0D800

but these won’t work back on the Sam. Any advice?

Writing .dsk to physical disk

You are using a real disk drive with a real disk controller? USB drives have been hard-wired to only write 9 sectors per track. Which is one short for a SAM disk.

Possibly (never tried this), if you could pad out your .dsk image with a bogus file that occupies all tenth sectors you could have some luck…

Thanks for this information.

Thanks for this information. Nice.

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