Steve's Software


Software house run by Steve Nutting.

I’m Steve Nutting the Sam Coupe Utility programmer with thanks to Simon Owen's new SimCoupe and renewed interest in the Sam will upload my vast catalogue of software.

This will take time as I don`t for example have a PC that will accept an internal floppy drive, only USB which will not except Floppy Disc loading on Simcoupe.

I started off with SC_ASSEMBLER in May 1990 5 months after the Sam coupe was first released most of the work was done on the Spectrum months before the Sam came onto the market.

Some of the other authors earlier Sam programs were created with my Assembler.

The last program was SC_WORD Pro one of the longest and complex programs I had written.

I also hope to upload all the source for all the utility software as well as the pdf manuals, so you can see for yourself just how hard I had to work as I created my own routines rather than use the Sam Rom.

This will also quickly verify and prove that I have indeed programmed and allowed my software to be shared with all those interested.

Software List:

Title Date Description
SC_ASSEMBLER April 1990 Z80 Assembler
SC_SPECLONE September 1990 ZX Spectrum Emulator
SC_AUTOBOOT 1990 ROM replacement to do an instant boot
SC_FILER January 1991 Data base
Search: “SC_COMPRESSOR 1” April 1991 Screen compressor
Search: “SC_COMPRESSOR 2” November 1991 Code compressor
Search: “SC_DISC PROTECTOR” 1991? Hardware based on Edwin Blinks DPU
Search: “SC_DISC CLONE” March 1992 Disk copier
SC_PD3 March 1992 PD collection
SC_MONITOR April 1992 Z80 Monitor
SC_DTP March 1993 Desk Top Publisher
SC_24 PIN DUMPER August 1993 24 pin dot matrix printer itility
SC_WORD pro April 1994 Word Processor
SC_CLIPART November 1995 Clip Art collection
SC_HD LOADER June 1996

Patched MasterDos to work with SD Software SD IDE hard drive.


Assemble source for most of my products and a way to verify I have given full permission can be found separately under SC_Assembler source files on this site.