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SCADS - PD Release Granted

Quote from

Simon Cooke
Spectrum Computing Granted

This file is free to download at

Stefan Drissen - Sophistry, SAM MOD player and the rest Granted

All my SAM stuff may be freely downloaded and used.

Stefan Vogt - Hibernated 1 Granted

HIBERNATED 1 is copyright (c) 2021 by Stefan Vogt and Pud

Steve Taylor - Mouse Driver 2.0 Granted

From the README.64C on the disc:

Steve's Software - Copyright Granted Granted

“Assemble source for most of my products and a way to ver

Tim Paveley - EGGBuM Granted

From http://www.sadsnail.co.uk/

Tim Paveley - Sam Coupé Scrapbook Contents Granted

I’m finding myself linking more and more entries to the S

Tim Paveley - The Sad Snail Collection Granted