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Daniel Garner

Garner Designs

Also ran New Aspects sofware house that produced Pipe Mania

Darrren Blackburn

Artist responsible for many Revelation (SAMCo) game covers, and also responsible for covers for

Dave Hood

Designer of the Sam Coupé logo.

Dave Hooper

Author of SAA Sound as used in Sim Coupe

Dave Tonks



Dave Whitmore

Sysop of the Dalmation BBS in the 1990’s and technical editor of the [[Sam CoupĂ© Adventure Club

David Brant

Stoned Design

Programmer of Jam Assembler (see Web Site)

Coder and member of Mnemotech

David Gommeren

Lord Insanity

Aka Lord Insanity of The Lords originally a Spectrum-based coding group from the Netherlands.

David Laundon


David Ledbury

Editor (and Creator) of ZAT and Blitz, publisher of Sam Quartet and Sam Prime and he

David Munden


David Philpot


Wrote Primary Maths Pack 1 and The Key Press word processor concepts for children.

David Sanders


Musician and Coder.

Pyramex of HATE

Did various bits for ISD (Kaboom) & Fred Diskz

Denis van Berg



Derek Morgan

Owner of Sam PD and the commercial arm F9 Software.

Digital Reality

Digital Reality were two Z80 programmers, namely Balor Knight and Chris Pile.

They develo

Doug Holmes


Dr Andy Wright

Dr Andy Wright ran BetaSoft, a one-man software house through which he sold BetaBASIC: an improv

Edwin Blink


Hardware and sample guru.

Enigma Variations

One of the only mainstream commercial software companies to release programs for the Sam. Some of th