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Brian McConnell


Graphic artist going under the names of ‘Shades’ and ‘Aesthetix’ whilst producing work for Fred

Bruce Everiss

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Bruce Gordon

The ‘Gordon’ half of Miles Gordon Technology, before forming MGT bruce was a hardware design

Calvin Allett

BitaByte Software

Started off programming the odd little demo or game, once I had a few disks full of stuff I was plea

Campion Software

Anton Andersen

Danish Software House.

Carol Brooksbank

Author and Coder.

Challengers PD

PD Library

Chezron Software

Publishers of Outlet magazine.

Chris Pile

Coder of Pro-Dos and Defender.

Member of Digital Reality with Balor Knight.

Chris White

Coded several, major titles for the Sam.

These included Prince of Persia (widely regarded as

Clive Welch



Colin Anderton

Editor of Fred magazine, starting from issue 51.

Colin Cameron



Colin Jordan



Colin Macdonald

Founder of the famous Fred Magazine and Fred Publishing

Colin Piggot

Coder and Hardware Designer.

The multi-talanted overlord of the Quazar empire.

Full descr

Craig Turberfield



ZX Spectrum high street magazine that carried a lot of news and articles on the Coupé.

Dan Dooré


I started programming back in 1984 when I got a ZX Spectrum 48K which I had the pleasure of until 19

Daniel Cannon

Daniel Cannon was a writer for ZAT Magazine, wrote a couple of advert demos for ZAT - and nu