František Fuka

František Fuka




Coder and Musician.

Well known on the ZX Spectrum scene for his musical talents exploded onto the Coupé scene with two conversions of Rob Hubbard tunes Chimera and Monty on the Run written with a conversion of his 128k Spectrum music editor AY-Amadeus called SAMadeus and featured on the SCPDSA Demo Disk 1.

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First of all, I am from the Czech Republic and “František Fuka” is my real name. To be more precise, there is a weird thing above the letter “s” that cannot be reproduced in ASCII. The whole name sounds somehow like “Fran-tjee-shek Foo-kah” (the “Foo” is short). “Fuxoft” is my nickname which I “invented” when I was about 12 years old and started programming first games for 8-bit computers. It was derived from “Fuka” + “soft[ware]” and is supposed to be pronounced “Fooksoft” (again, “foo” is short). I really don’t remember if I had any idea back then (in the year 1980) what certain four letter English words mean, but if I had, I didn’t care. (BTW, “Fuka” is certainly not usual Czech name and “František” means “Franciscus” or “Frank”.)