Balor Knight

Balor Knight




Balor Knight, one half of Digital Reality, made his name in the Sam world by writing Astroball, a platform game which was picked up by Revelation and Dyzonium for FRED Publishing.

Astroball was also written for the Spectrum, as was a a similar title “Turbulence” which appeared on a Your Sinclair cover tape.


A 1998 interview with Balor can be found HERE


Where are they now?

Now a successful next-gen console programmer with a string of big-budget PC, PS2 and XBOX titles to his name - often in the multi-player genre of extreme racing simulation.

Has been the lead programmer on several high-end PC racing-game titles: “Re-Volt”, developed whilst Balor was at Acclaim Studios, London; and The Italian Job, developed at Climax Studios, Brighton - to name but two.

Recently (2004) seen as the lead programmer on the PS2 racing-game title “Crash ‘n’ Burn” - developed by Climax Studios, Brighton.

Balor and a couple of his ex-Blackrock Studios colleagues now run their own games development company called Mad Atom Games Ltd, based in Brighton.

Balor can be contacted via bay (AT) madatomgames (DOT) com - after making the obvious changes to the address.