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Steven Pick

Lee Willis

1995 (not yet approved)

Converted from the Spectrum version by John Cain

Review by Steven Pick from the Sam Coupé Scrapbook

This has been written by the boys at Jupiter Software, and if the game sounds familiar to aged computer freaks - it should be! The SAM version is a conversion of the Spectrum classic, Booty, written by John Cain wayback 7 (or so) years ago. The game itself is set on a pirate ship, you playing a cabin hand set to nick all the pirates booty in a strange fit of generousity, and get off the ship!

The setup is that of a side on flip-screen platform, with the actual Spectrum version on the same disk! Anyway, it is obvious that the SAM version will benefit more in terms of graphics - and it does! The graphics were produced by Yours Truly, and help make the SAM version a nicer looking one (ahem!). But enough on the self-admiration stakes - the programming is what counts here! And the programmers have done an admirable job producing the set up which is faithful to the Spectrum version. All the touches from the Spectrum game are recreated faithfully on the SAM including animated portholes which capture the “feel” of the sea, and all the rooms of the SAM version match exactly to that of the Spectrum!

There are many dangers when collecting treasure on the ship, the first being of course, the pirates! They move along horizontal platforms, swords moving realistically and the speed of them moving is admirable (seeming this was written on SCADs!). Actually, the speed of the whole thing is rather impressive, with no slow down when there is plenty going on. Other dangers include the bombs which are hidden under certain treasure amounts, lifts - which are easier to get on and off than the Spectrum version, affecting the difficulty a tad, and the random dangers of birds and rats which suddenly appear from the edges of the screen and endanger your character. The SAM rat has changed from the Spectrum version, as it has become more intelligent. The Spectrum rat wouldn’t appear on screens with lifts, but the SAM rat jumps on the lifts and to lower platforms, increasing the danger! Hmmm, and I must add there is also an extra 10 screens worth of SAM Booty!!!

For the amount being asked for Booty, this seems like a runaway bargain - and it is! It plays damn well, with gorge graphics and some addictive game play. The only let-down is the sound effects but it is written on SCADs and you won’t notice! Go fetch a copy from Persona now!


Game written in SCADS (Sam Coupe Arcade Development System) By GlenCo

Booty featured on the coverdisk on issue 20 of Sam Revival Magazine (Nov/Dec 2007)


I was realy dissapointed with the game, altough the grapics are okay, there’s no in game music to keep you interested, and theres not realy much use of colour at all. I apprecates the game’s based on a spectrum classic but more could’ve been done with the speed, graphics and gameplay surely…..this would’ve been mint if it was released back in 1990, but a few years to late, it should have been much better. Not much to want you keep coming back.


84% is too much a high mark for this game, it lacks the professional touches accustomed to the majority of the decent Sam games, nice sprites but very slow action…I would have given this game 66%. No offence but like Manic Miner & Splat!, its realy is a pile of old tosh……

I’ll tell you what.. next

I’ll tell you what.. next time the TARDIS is in town, we’ll take a leap back a few years with a 3d rendering system, a Mayhem Accelerator, a 5,000,000 budget and make a 18 rated version with blood, gore and lots of sex-starved seamen for you?

Be bloody sensible .. it was a budget title! Released by a one man label, based on a souped up basic system! What did you expect? Lemmings for a fiver?

Booty Vs the tardis

sorry, maybe someone should’ve warned us that Booty was gonna be crap before they released it! Come back tardis!

The problem with SCADs

The problem with SCADs is that is that it can be slow, the game loop in BASIC has to be kept to the utter minimum to get any speed out of it.

However, Booty at 10MHz…. :)

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yeahhhh right….

yeahhhh right….

Whilst I agree with you

Whilst I agree with you regarding Splat and Manic Miner I think your wording is rather harsh, I personally don’t feel Samco did themselves any favours rehashing old spectrum games that didn’t look that much better than the originals,especially when you are trying to convince spectrum users to upgrade to what is perceived as a superior computer. Having said that when you consider how poorly supported and shunned the SAM was by the software houses at the time I don’t suppose they had a lot of options.

It is such a shame that potential software such as Kick Off 2 and F16 combat pilot fell thorough for the SAM as they would of shown the SAM in such a better light and Kick Off 2 would surely of sold well. I also thought that Booty was a pretty good game myself.


Really, that isn’t the sort of comment that is appreciated. Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course but just to spout ‘it’s crap’ doesn’t do any good, does it?

There’s quite often very little understanding what it takes to produce software for the Sam. For Booty there were two programmers, a graphics artist and a muscian, all doing it purely for the love of the machine not for financial reasons. Plus there was David who was the initial publisher and he had to sort out the legal rights to produce a conversion of the game in the first place from John Cain the author of the original ZX Spectrum version.

I was involved with the playtesting of Booty, and having been a fan of the original I thought the Sam reincarnation was good, especially for SCADs - it highlighted just what could be achieved in Sam BASIC when aided with SCADs graphical extensions. Ten years ago when it was released it was a welcomed addition to the Sam world, and for a fiver it was far cheaper than the majority of other commercial games.

Quazar : Hardware, Software, Spares and Repairs for the Sam Coupe
April 1995-2006 - Celebrating 11 Years of developing for the Sam Coupe


Personally I like the game! Let’s not forget the limitations of the SAM it was (and is) a good computer, but it isn’t the fastest…


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