What are the most important tasks right now?


Although the Sam was a relatively minor player in the home computer market, there’s still a very wide scope information to collect. My proposal, therefore, is that worldofsam contributors should initially concentrate on subjects which aren’t well-covered elsewhere; i.e. relating to commercial games and in particular, perfect images of protected disks.

That said, if you’ve got anything at all to add, please feel no hesitation in adding it!

Number of Users

Why when I connect to the site do I see for example 2 users and 1 guest on-line but when I log-in this changes to just my name and reports 1 user and 1 guest on-line (later went to 2 guests on-line so this part seems to work correctly). When I log out then I see the other two users again as before (in this case it was ascii and Simon Owen)?

I guess it’s a caching

I guess it’s a caching issue. Pages for logged-in users are always generated individually, whereas pages can be cached for guests. This is to reduce the overall load on the database server (I guess most sites using this framework would expect to have many more anonymous users than logged-in ones.)

Ebay is alive with plenty of

Ebay is alive with plenty of SAM Coupe goodies, I have purchased some of the Fred’s that I lost thorough the years, plenty of SAM Supplement’s as well. If you goto the SAM Coupe users face book group, there is a post about the SAM’s version of Treasure Island Dizzy. Shame that Codemasters chickened out at the time.

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