Money Bags



Colin Piggot


Money Bags is Jetset Willy style game, where you have to collect objects over a large number of rooms. Originally this was a game for the Sam Coupe that used the Quazar Surround soundcard to give it a great sampled soundtrack. Game is available on disk Soundbyte 15. But Colin reduced the quality of the soundtrack to 4 bits so it can play through the soundchip in the Sam, as well as improving all the graphics. This is special edition of Money Bags. Game Money Bags SE is available on the cover disk Sam Revival 9.

The map for this game you will find at

Re: Money Bags

Originally on Soundbyte 15, Money Bags was written in one week during the my final university exams - it was far more fun than studying!

With it only having a limited release to owners with the Quazar Surround soundcard it made sense to give it a revamp for the first coverdisk with SAM Revival magazine.

Thanks to those who buy SAM Revival - it’s still going and issue 25 is just about to be released. If you’ve not tried an issue why not give it a go and show your support. Issue 25 will be out shortly - 56 pages and bundled with two coverdisks.

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