F-16 Combat Pilot


Keith Goodyear


F16Demo.zip (not yet approved)

This demo of the pre-release version of F-16 Combat Pilot appeared on a Crash covertape.

Partially functional and unfeasibly slow the full game never materialised.

The following text is taken from the in-demo scrolling message:

F16 Combat Pilot out soon on the SAM Coupe. Designed by David Marshall.

Programmed by Revelation for Digital Integration. F16 Combat Pilot copyright 1991 Digital Integration Ltd. Welcome to the exclusive
Crash demo of Digital Integrations F16 Combat Pilot. This simulation is based on the general dynamics 16 multi-roll combat aircraft that has flown many combat and reconnaissance sorties for the USAF and other air forces around the globe.

The F16 is powered by a single GEC F110 GE 100 turbofan engine and the airframe is capable of exceeding mach 2.

In the full simulation you have a selection of radar, infrared, and laser guided missiles & bombs, and you are fitted with an M61A cannon.

In the full version there are over 28 combat missions 8 recon missions and 8 strategic campaigns to be won.

Watch out for the soviet MIG29s that will intercept your movements. There will be times you wish you had not taken off!

Let’s take a look at how this bird flies.

For your pleasure this version runs in two different modes: a wire frame representation of the outside world, and solid gives you full colour constructed buildings. You may toggle the mode by pressing ‘P’

You can increase the throttle by pressing ‘Q’ When you have reached 100 knots, pull back on the joystick or press 8 to take off. Raise your undercarrage by pressing ‘U’. You should now be in full flight.

That’s all we are going to allow you for now. You will have to get the full version to see the amazing graphics and to find out what being an F16 combat pilot really takes. The full game will be out in mid July - contact SAM Computers on 0792 700300 for more details.

SAM DSK image conversion from the tape-based demo on Crash issue 92 by Simon Owen. Details on pages 8 and 9 , courtesy of World of Spectrum.

A review of the ZX Spectrum version from Your Sinclair, courtesy of the YS Rock’n’Roll Years.

Speed issue?

I wonder if this project could be revived when the Mayhem accelerator comes out? Its one of the kind of games I believe that the SAM was lacking. The graphics looked great!



duz any1 kno ow 2 move top 32768bytes from internal ram into external 1mb
can it be setup for all 48 emulators?
snapshots and multiface files?


can this run in the external 6mhz fast mode for 1mb

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