ESI stands for Ethanol Software Inc, a Polish coding group producing demos for the ZX Spectrum and Sam Coupé.

Consisted of (on the Sam side):

Other members on the Speccy side:

  • Rackne
  • Maud’dib
  • Sabe
  • Janco

Kaz Split from ESI in 1995 although continued to produce software under the ESI brand.

Ethanol Soft Inc …. thats

Ethanol Soft Inc …. thats right
but now is the time to reveal the truth
Mat was once havin a 3,5 inch disk nameless as it was called
cheap origin low quality
even paint with name of the company was not holdin on metal lol
it was EST
but some of the black paint after usin the disk went off
so to let the disk look better Mat decided to go further and with some metal thingy he remowed rest of the T dash so it become an I letter and disk looked like brand new again

Later on some1 from england after our text in scrollers deciced that it has to mean that.
Before, we simply havent knew that. But for endin a demo or another piece of work there was a party. So text for scrollers were a bit drunk ;)

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