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The ATOM Hard Disc interface is an internal IDE hard disc interface that fits to the Sam Drive connector.

The interface consists of a 16 to 8 bit bus converter, address decoder and a bus stabiliser to make the rather slow Z80 bus interface with the fast IDE bus.

The interface takes it power from the SAM. A single 2 inch drive which consumes not more than 500 mA can also be powered by SAM. But Other drives must be powered by a separate power supply.

See Edwin’s ATOM Page for full details.

The ATOM is merely the IDE interface, the operating system to drive it is B-DOS.

This is the second IDE interface in wide use, the fist being Nev Youngs’s SD IDE interface that ran HDOS.

A popular media to use rather than a full IDE drive is a Compact Flash (CF) card which prompted the development of the Atom-Lite.

When Nev Young saw the ATOM with B-DOS he announced that all further work to revive HDOS would cease as he was so impressed with B-DOS’s operation.

Is there anywere to buy

Is there anywere to buy ready made units?


basic shows all records and files then lists then animation
needs fast disc access from sim coupe

find hdf here unzip before use unlike sam discs which dont need to be unzipp but this is nearly 29mb so go figa!:

you need to modify sim coupe for atom lite disc

format a single record

one record is not accesisble how do i formnat it alone and not the entire CF please?

ATOM HDD v007 by Yarek Adamsky

Updated my web page about Atom HDD interface:


I need 8 of these - is there any chance that the two IDE pinouts can be at right angles so the compact flash adaptors will be flush with the pcb?

does anyone know where i could buy them all please?

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