Why isn't there a Forum?


If you want to discuss the Sam (or anything else) with other Sam users, the very best way to do it is to join the Sam Users mailing list.

To subscribe, send an email to sam-users-request@nvg.ntnu.no containing the single word ‘subscribe’.

There’s no forum on this web site because I wouldn’t dream of trying to divide the market.

Comments out of control

It seems that the comments feature is being used incorrectly to the detriment of the site and to the Sam Users Mailing List.

I feel that currently the comments are being used incorrectly in two ways:

1. People adding content via the comments rather than editing the node.
2. As an ad-hoc forum.

Surely the comments are there to comment on the entry itself, not to point out errors in the entry (which should be editied as it’s a wiki-esque site) or to discuss the entry (which should be on the Sam Users Mailing List)

Can the comments be moderated to prevent discussion or be made deleteable once content has been updated in the entry?

Just my two-penneth.


Hi Dan,
Do you still think the above is the case? The mailing list has been quiet for a long time now and IMHO people posting comments on this site won’t take away from the mailing list. I personally think people should be encouraged to get involved in whatever way they want and if people are more inclined to post comments here, I think that’s great - survival of the fittest (form of communication!) and all that.

All my own personal opinion of course.


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