Wanted : .SNA or .SCS snapshot header format.

Hi everyone,

Dead set Sam newbie here.
Am trying to simply port over a few of the Speccy 1-bit music engines by Utz & Shiru over to run on the Coupe. Fairly straight forward just by changing the port details for the Coupe's speaker.
Biggest issue I have is trying to find out what the snapshot formats are - either .SNA or .SCS.
I have searched high and low.  Github repositries, Google, on this forum, on another coupe forum.
Anyone have a nice working asm listing examples (hello wolrd would do) with either of the two snapshot headers - that will assemble correctly and then load into any of the emulators that can handle these formats?
All I have come up with so far of exhaustive searching is:

   ORG $8000
fileid              db     "samsnap!"
emulid            db    "ABCD"
version_major  db    0
version_minor  db    98
hardware_id    db    0

thanks in advance for any info.

The snapshot format should be identical to the disciple / +d format, you will need to put it in an mgt / disk container but there are tools for that. 

...you should not be using snapshots at all, after all the ZX SNP files on the Coupé are themselves snapshots of ZX software and not native.  SimCoupé does not support snapshots or save states yet although ASCD does.

If you are porting the code then just port the code and save it natively on the file system as long as you remove/repoint any call dependancies made to the ZX ROM.

You can use any of the tools on the Media Formats page (Check out SCADM if in Windows as that will allow you to make new disks, add a DOS and even add BASIC code for an AUTO file) or use Sim Coupé to import the data into memory and save it out from there if you're so inclined :)