Stu Sullivan


After downloading the SimCoupe Emulator it brought back memories of my early days with The SAM Coupé I got mine through mail order,(I don’t remember where from,it was the natural progression from the ZX Spectrum), but it came WITHOUT the slim line Search: “floppy disk drive”, as they were not yet ready from the manufacturers. So there was an installation tape, which took just under half an hour to load. God, what we put up with in the early days of the Coupé. I also subscribed to some magazines on floppy disk early on when the disk drive came. The first one was Sam Supplement shortly followed by FRED of which I still have them all. I don’t know if they are still published or are under copyright but if anyone knows how to copy the disks, as I have a PC now and have had one since 1997.

My Search: “Power Pack” packed up many years ago so this is the first time I have seen the Coupé in almost 10 years, can’t get the disks to load on this emulator, hope there is some body out there that can help.

It would be nice to hear from a few old Coupe friends that I met at the old FORMAT SHOWS down in Search: “Gloucester” in particular Dave Tonks from Walsall Bob Brenchley Editor of the Format magazine of which I have volumes 1-11

Where are they now?

Hope to hear from you soon. Still having fun with Computers