SD card for SAM that doesnt need disk access?

Hi. Does anyone know if there is an SD card reader/Mass storage for SAM which does not need a working floppy drive as I was told by Colin Piggot that the one he supples - the Trinity needs to access a working flooppy drive. I have a SAM with a floppy which isnt working but just wanted to use an SD reader like the DivIDEs you can but for the Spectrum which clearly dont require floppy access.

Can anyone help?

Re: SD card for SAM that doesnt need disk access?

The full Trinity Ethernet Interface can be used without a working floppy drive, if you also install the optional BOOT ROM that lets the SAM load in the DOS from the extra EEPROM memory that is on the full Trinity.

I think you had emailed me in recent days with regards to the cut down Trinity Mass Storage Interface? This doesn’t have the EEPROM and would rely on loading DOS from floppy.

I am still running a bundle of the full Trinity Ethernet Interface, BOOT ROM and a 8GB SD card for £75 + postage. See my website offers page for details ->

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Hi Colin!

Yes it was me - sorry I just assumed both types of Trinity needed the floppy. I’ll e-mail you about this rather than do it on here now I know there is another option. Are you the only other SAM fan in existance? lol


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