A SAM Book - bad idea?


I’ve been enjoying some of the Kickstarter ZX Spectrum books recently, and it seems to me that it would be lovely to have the SAM Coupe and its games immortalised in a similar way. Chris Wilkins’ ZX Spectrum books look and feel really nice, and would be the perfect sort of style for a SAM Coupe one.

Now, I’m well aware that there’s not the same size base in the SAM world, so this may well be nostalgia getting the better of me, but what do people think? We’ve definitely got the contacts to get the content written, it’s just whether you think there’s enough people out there who might want to pick up a copy? You know, without the scenario where I’m explaining to Mrs A why I’ve invested a load of cash in a book and now got hundreds of unsold copies sat in our bedroom….

It sounds A great idea to

It sounds A great idea to me, I would be very interested in buying A copy, maybe we could help by adding our own Sam experiences to the book?

Is there really enough Sam

Is there really enough Sam exclusive content to fill a book? Or enough quality software?

I would personally try and kickstart the Sam scene with a book on how to program and produce software and hardware for the Sam. An easy to follow and well written paperback or PDF effort would help so much more than what has been proposed.

It’s a small (but dedicated) community and as such, there isn’t enough activity or progress when it comes to new development. I would imagine that it would be difficult to fill such a book with worthwhile content that didn’t include scores of PD Demos.

Progress on the scene is slow and we need to see something more compelling than a Sam history book as this would only be enjoyed by a very small number of hardcore fans.

Instead of a book simply reminiscing about its past, I believe a book about how to create applications, games etc, would be more productive and useful for the community.

I would round up all of the most active and knowledgeable community members and crowd fund for a book that allows others to contribute to the scene or otherwise its sadly going to remain stagnant. The Sam deserves more and is one hell of a good machine but massively underrated and underappreciated, so lets enable others to expand and strengthen that scene with a means to positively contribute.

Go for it!

Looking at the ZX spectrum books and other nostalgia
I thin k this is a great idea. Would be nice to try
and put the life of the Coupe in picture format..

Good idea to me

It could be worth kickstarting if you dont want to run the risk of having loads of copies. I would be happy to help out if you needed some help.

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