Vertex Software - Copyrights Granted


Dear SAM Fans…

I am very pleased to announce that I now consider the following of my work for the SAM Coupé to be regarded as Public Domain;

Review Disk Magazine (Issues 1 - 5)

MegaDisk #1 (Quix, Quix II, Math!, Le Box & Manic Mazes)

…under the condition that each disk be distributed in its original, unedited format. At the time of release in 1991, the rights to my MegaDisk #1 were signed over to SAMco, but since this company and all of its subsidiaries no longer exist, I now consider my contract with them to be null and void.

I am more than happy for my work for the SAM Coupé to be distributed freely, without charge. I would appreciate being informed when any of my software is distributed.

Many thanks, and enjoy!

Ron Stirling, 24NOV07