Captain Comic


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Platform arcade conversion from the PC game.

Featuring converted music and sampled speech.

Information from Wikipedia:

The game opens with this screen of text:


Entering orbit around the planet
Tambi, Captain Comic, galactic
hero, prepares for his impossible
mission: To recover the treasures
stolen from the planet Omsoc.

Armed with only his courage, he
enters the teleport chamber…

The player, as Comic, arrives by teleporting in front of a castle on the planet Tambi, where the quest begins. Comic must find the following three artifacts:

  • The Mystical Gems of Lascorbanos
  • The Thousand Coins of Tenure
  • The Crown of the Ages

To find them, he must travel through many varied environments, including:

  • The forest
  • The lakeside
  • A nearby moon (with low-gravity)
  • A space station on the moon
  • A dark cave
  • A gray building
  • The inside of a huge computer
  • The inside of the castle

The game ends when Comic is in possession of the three treasures.

For comparison see screenshots from the PC Version at MobyGames

Captain Comic

Funny - I thought this one was totaly forgotten about - a very under rated game, probably the best game I’ve ever played for the Sam - no, realy it is indeed….why hasnt this game ever been given the credit it was always deserved???? This game, Sam Tetris and FADE were the best games to appear on FRED magazine - anyone know any other decent games to appear on FRED????

Captain Comic - the best game on Sam - instantly playable if a little simplistic (the only side scrolling game I ever knew!)
Why werent more games like this made for Sam? Big shame

Captain Comic

I don’t know if I’d say it was the best game ever on the SAM, but I was always so impressed with the speed of this, and the fact that it was fully scrolling… It was great fun, and technically certainly one of the most impressive games. I was always a bit disappointed with the graphics, but of course it was a conversion of the original, so it was right that they stay the same.

Having said that, I always thought it was a shame nobody took the workings of this, and created something unique for the SAM. Afterall, it had all the speed and scale necessary. Change the graphics to something more modern, give it a consistent theme/story… it would’ve proved the SAM could do large scale action-packed scrolling games! :-)

Captain Comic

This was first game ever I played on my Sam! :)

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