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Written by Dr Andy Wright there were several ROM vesions during the Sam’s lifecycle:

ROM 0.1MGTOriginal prototype 07-Nov-89
ROM 0.4MGTPre release version 04-Dec-89
ROM 1.0MGTOriginal shipped ROM
ROM 1.1MGTPre release version
ROM 1.2MGTPre release version
ROM 1.3MGTPre release version
ROM 1.4MGTPre release version
ROM 1.8MGTPre release version
ROM 1.81MGTPre release version
ROM 2.0MGTAmended ROM to fix bugs with disk bootstrap
ROM 2.1MGTPre release version
ROM 2.4MGTPre release version
ROM 2.5MGTPre release version
ROM 3.0MGTLast official release.

See Rom bugs for more info.


ROM 3.0MGTThere are apparently 2 versions of ROM 3.0 in the wild: The original had ‘plc’ in lower case on the Splash screen, another one had ‘PLC’ in uppercase. (from Edwin Blink)
ROM 3.1MGTHas ‘PLC’ rather than ‘plc’ but that (and the version number) is the only difference. Listed at
SCAutobootSteve NuttingAmended V3.0 with fast reset and ‘Instant F9’
ROM 3.5West Coast ComputersUSed in the Sam élite, a V3.0 with a new copyright message, replacement of keyword “DIR” with “CAT” and spelt ‘disk’ with ‘c’
Homing PROMSimon CookeV3.0 with a custom-orderable copyright message.
HD Boot ROMEdwin BlinkV3.0 with code to boot from ATOM Hard drive’s boot sector.
Trinity Boot ROMColin PiggotV3.0 with code to boot from Trinity Ethernet Interface EEPROM.


The current ROM version can be ascertained by typing PRINT PEEK 15 and dividing by 10 so 30 is ROM 3.0


ROM3 was first released by MGT.

It is quite surprising there are still a fair few Sams out there with old V1 and V2 ROMS. I do have permission from Dr Andy Wright, the ROM’s author, to supply ROM3 chips for cost (GBP 4.00)

Frode Tennebo has recently interviewed Dr Wright with regards to his ZX Spectrum and Sam work and the interview features in issue 14 of Sam Revival magazine.

Quazar : Hardware, Software, Spares and Repairs for the Sam Coupe
April 1995-2006 - Celebrating 11 Years of developing for the Sam Coupe

The Bobco (West Cost) Rom

The Bobco (West Cost) Rom also had Disk mis-spelled as DISC - as he believed this was the correct spelling.

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