GM Software

1991 (49.15 KB) (28.56 KB)

Spreadsheet Utility written in Sam Basic.

PDF manual scan at

Copyright Status of GM-Calc and GM-Base

Gary Thomas was asked by me (SPT) for permission to archive the disk images and manuals as pdfs for GM-Base and GM-Calc.

“Would you be willing to let copies of your software for the Sam to be stored in archives / ftp / web sites as Disk images, and the manuals as pdfs ? ” - 7/07/2005

I have lost reply in my great harddrive crash of 2005, but it went somthing like “…Do what you want with the Software/manuals, we (Gary and Melcolm) had a great time working with SAM …..”

A few days later the GM-Base manual was sent by Gary with some of their adverts for the GM software. - The manual will be pdf sometime this year (2006) - so take it as permission has been granted for this software to be placed in the PD for all. - SPT.

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