Simon Owen

Simon Owen


TurboMON.dsk.gz (97.27 KB)

TurboMON is a Z80 monitor and toolkit for the SAM Coupé. It provides a controlled execution environment for SAM programs, supporting single-stepping, tracing, breakpoints, as well as a selection of utility functions.

Load at any free 16K page boundary and CALL the loading address. e.g. LOAD "TurboMON" CODE 32768 : CALL 32768

A full manual is available on the author’s TurboMON page.

Shortly after TurboMON was completed, the author started a 6-month contract in Thailand. Rather than delay the release, the utility was sent to Steve's Software and released as part of the SC_Monitor Pro pack.

TurboMON was later re-released as freeware.