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B-DOS Is an improved SamDOS. B-DOS was mainly written to use with a harddisk (using the ATOM internal hard disk interface). However B-DOS can also be used without a hard disk but it only works with one diskdrive.

B-DOS features:

  • Faster verify (as fast as loading).
  • VERIFY AT sector command
  • Faster FORMAT (Formating a disk takes about 66 seconds).
  • Disks can be named with a 16 character name (file names not).
  • Date stamping (Both Dallas clock and SAMBUS clock).

Hard Disc Support:

BDOS works with ATOM IDE harddisk interface and supports harddisks up to 8 Gb.
To make using a hard disk as user friendly as possible. The harddisk works like a virtual second diskdrive. The storage capacity of a harddisk is devided into 800K blocks. Such a 800K block is called a record and has the same format as a floppydisk. (10 sectors per track, 80 tracks and 2 sides).

Hard Disc Booting

The Coupé can be booted from the ATOM by using a modified ROM3.0 called the HD Boot ROM

PDF for B-DOS17n by Wolfgang Haller

Edwin developed B-DOS up to V1.5a then Martijn Groen took over the development.

B-DOS V1.5t is a modified version of V1.5a to support MMC and SD cards on the Trinity Ethernet Interface.


external ram?
masterdos networking?

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