Legend Of Eshan


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John Eyre

John Eyre

Andy Monk


legend_of_eshan.dsk.zip (not yet approved)
legend_of_eshan.zip (not yet approved)

A complex roleplaying simulation, along the lines of Lords Of Midnight.

The story starts at a time of unrest with Barquin the Witchking massing a great army of Orcs in the north. Barquin’s evil influence is most powerful in his own realm but it extends beyond the plains of Krette and of Anga. If he can sieze control of the Palace of Avorell in the far south his control will be complete and the freedom of Avinell will be doomed forever.

Eshan has received word from Barton the Marshal that Avorell the Noble as been taken captive while on a hunting trip on ther plains of Anga. Without the wise council of Avorell the armies of the south squabble amongst themselves knowing this is the signal that the invasion of Barquin’s legions of evil is about to begin.

Eshan and Barton must unite and mobilise the warriors in the defence of freedom, to repel the attck and deny Barquin the supremacy that would come with the fall of the Palace of Avorell.

Included on the coverdisk with Sam Revival issue 15.

Legend of Eshan...

Legend of Eshan will be featuring on the coverdisk with issue 15 of Sam Revival magazine (out in June).

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