Batz 'n Balls Demo


Public Domain

David Gommeren

Rob Mies (71.49 KB)

Demo of the first 6 levels of Batz 'n Ballz that appeared on the Sam Newsdisk.

Play with the mouse for maximum enjoyment.


Are you sure this one’s PD?

Fairly sure...

It only has 6 levels and I seem to recall that it was on the Sam Newsdisk - prompting comments that it was too fully-featured and gave too much away.

Unless of course that the News Disks are not PD even though they have been on NVG for yonks.

Batz'n'Ballz demo

No need to go out and but the game if you have this, I’ll very much doubt that even the best retro gamers amongst us will’ve been able to complete this demo…its well too hard!! I think its realy cool how Samco virtualy given away this game, I spent hours playing it! I love it….but maybe (like most Sam games) a bit too hard?

Nice graphics and sonics, a simple idea that been worked into a wicked game!

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