FRED Publishing

FRED Publishing was the commercial arm of Colin Macdonald’s FRED Magazine PD empire.

FRED Publishing’s first release was Impatience and eventually Colin managed to secure the most famous licence of them all for Lemmings.

Product availablility

Does anyone know if you can still get hold of Fred products from anywhere?

Re: Product Availability

The Fred disk magazines are available for download online.

With regards to games, it’s a case of tracking down the programmers for permission which is something I’ve slowly been able to do.

A lot of assets of the games were paid for outright by Fred Publishing (e.g. graphics, music etc…) so the copyright for them belongs with Colin MacD, however from past emails with him he is happy to see things become available again for which he owns part of the copyright of, so it really just lies with tracing the main authors to get permission.

Just sent another batch of letters out to a couple programmers so hopefully they’ll be happy to see their games feature on the coming issues of SAM Revival. Fingers crossed!

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