Downloads for SCPDU (or in general: providing downloads)

Maybe a dumb question, but if copyright has been granted for SCPDU 2, why not SCPDU 5 (why is that one not downloadable)?  ps I've uploaded SCPDU 0 just now, but I can't see how to make the dsk downloadable...?

General question is then: who needs to do what, to make an uploaded .dsk downloadable for others?

Andrew needs to approve the image. When the page is changed, Andrew needs to approve the image again, unless he has moved the download reference to a special field.

Simply allowing 'Public domain' to be downloaded directly would allow anyone to change <enter your favorite denied game here> to 'Public domain' and download it.

But... thinking about this, if only the copyright status were what needed to be approved, wouldn't that solve some of the issues you (Andrew) were having with the download fields?

Additionally, if a /main/ page has a granted copyright, then ideally all /sub/ pages should /by default/ inherit the /main/ page copyright unless specified otherwise.