Black Friday Offers, 27th Nov - 7th Dec...

I've been offering some discounts over the Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend and I'm keeping them open until 7th December, so now's the time to grab a few quid off of my SAM Coupe goodies! (and my new ZX Spectrum + RC2014 hardware too!)

To order, please contact me via my 'Contact Me' form on my website ( or directly by email if you've already got that and I can send through a PayPal invoice for the total amount with shipping. Any questions or queries, send them through too!


First up, the Trinity Ethernet Interface v1.1. The Trinity has become my most popular interface over the last 13 years. With future SAM Revivals to be offered with cover SD cards as an option, and multidisk game re-releases too to be available as SD versions, it's a great way to give your SAM some mass storage.

Trinity Ethernet Interface v1.1 - £72 (10% off)
with the optional BOOT ROM - £75 (16% off)

Next up, ZX-ECUTOR. The strange oddball interface I designed for my own curiosity to use ZX ROM cartridges on the SAM but it's proved to be very popular, resulting in a new range of ZX ROM based hardware for the ZX Spectrum too!

ZX-ECUTOR - £36 (10% off)
16 Bank Flash Cartridge - £18 (10% off)
ZX ROM Slot Interface (for all models of ZX Spectrum) - £14 (6% off)

Essential odds and sods, for upgrading the basic specs of your SAM Coupe, useful if you've just got your paws on an old machine:

256K Memory Expansion - £25 (25% off)
Floppy Disk Drive System - £55 (8% off)
Internal Drive Interface - £44 (9% off) (Specify if you want a longer cable to connect up a Gotek)
Serial Mouse Interface - £45 (10% off)

SAM Revival Magazine back issues.(Cover disks from issue 9 onwards, Audio CD with issue 11). (Full contents of the issues:

Issues 24-25 - £7.50 each (25% off)
Issues 1-23 - £4.50 each (10% off)

Last couple of SAM interfaces:

SID Soundchip Interface - £40 (11% off)
RC2014 Bus Interface - £15 (25% off)
Two Way Euroconnector Expansion Card - £20 (26% off)

And to finish up, some of the non-SAM hardware I make, although can be used with the SAM via the RC2014 Bus Interface, but also for standalone RC2014 DIY computers or compatibles with the same bus.

SID Soundchip Interface for RC2014 (fully compatible with SAM's SID software too) - £45 (10% off)
Graphic OLED Interface for RC2014 - £45 (10% off)

All the best,



Hi Colin,

I contacted you via the Quazar website form last week.  When you have time could you check you got my message?  Many thanks. Peter