looking for Quest Pro-DOS Adventure Compilation - Discs 1 & 2

Can anybody help ..please!


looking for Quest Pro-DOS Adventure Compilation - Discs 1 & 2

see http://www.samcoupe-pro-dos.co.uk/wanted.html

please drop a line/email.





I don't have a copy of Dave Ledbury's Quest Pro-DOS compilations, but they were a collection of games converted to or originating on Amstrad CP/M, published by arangement with The Guild/The Adventure Workshop iirc.

There was also apparently a disk 3 planned. David may be able to recollect what was on there.

Re. Disc 1...

The title Teacher's Pet is incorrect. It was the Tony Collin's game Teacher Trouble.

You can extract this file from the Amstrad CP/M disk that's available here...


Velma's Coming to tea, was the port of the Spectrum game from Delbert the Hamster Software, Aunt Velma's Coming to Tea.

Again, this port survives on Amstrad CP/M disk, at... 


Re. Disc 2...

From what I remember from back in the day, and from consulting the SCAC disks, I believe that Mutiny On the Bounty... was actually the Bounty Hunter (by Jack Lockerby) which is available here...


'Legacy' was Ken Bond's The Spiro Legacy...


It'll be Ken Bond's The Island that you want for disk 2 too...


And iirc The Test was probably on there (I think the other titles you have listed are incorrect)


You may also be interested in the recently recovered selection of The Adventure Workshop CP/M games. These were mostly conversions of Spectrum games that were considered lost... but John Wilson of Zenobi Software has recently discovered them in his collection.

You can download the titles here...


As with all Amstrad CP/M disks, they're really easy to convert to the Sam to run on ProDOS. The easiest way to extract the .COM file is to use the disk editor in WinAPE.

John has also done a load of conversions of his own games and many "unofficial" conversions of games from the Zenobi catalogue to CP/M... Some of them are a little "rough and ready" but they should all be completable...



I've also done CP/M versions of my own games, including several newly released titles, here:
which are playable on the Sam via ProDOS (I think I've even made a few Sam-ready disks for some of the titles... at some point I need to boot up my old Windows XP machine and finish that process off!)


Does any one know why the 1mb external ram interface can't page 16kb into the bottom of ram if it could then surely com would run at the full 5mhz instead of the internal video ram which is closer to 3mhz...