How to make names appear as links?

Please put two square brackets around people’s names, or companies, in product page fields.

e.g. Andrew Collier

This makes the name appear as a link, (even if the corresponding article hasn’t been written yet).


On the pyz80 page I added a link to Search: “Z80” which is not picking up anything since the SAM component is Z80B.

The "about text formats" is not clearing anything up.


 Links take the form of  Freelinking: Unknown plugin indicator .
Below is a list of available types of freelinks you may use, organized as Plugin Name: [indicator].

  • Built-in [/^(showtext|nowiki|redact)$/]: Redact, show text only, or display the indicator
  • Node title [/nt$|nodetitle|title/A]: Click to view a local node.



I tried [ [ Z80B | Z80 ] ] but this just shows Z80B. Z80B


Yeah, sorry giving freelinking links a different title doesn’t seem to work. It claims you can. It’s third on my debug list but I’m having trouble making protected downloads work the way I want them to, and that’s a blocker to the relaunch.