Top of the Pops

About a year ago I started creating oscilloscope videos of SAM Coupé music and publishing them on YouTube. Today I present the top 10 videos based on number of likes:

# likes title artist tracker year
1 29

Monty on the Run

František Fuka SAmadeus 1990
2 27 Axel F Ziutek E-Tracker 1992
3 22 Electro-1 Pyramex E-Tracker 2013
4 17 Arcane Zone part 2 Yerzmyey E-Tracker 2013
5 16 Bacardi Lord Performer SAM MOD player 1988
6 15 Sanxion SAA Remix Pyramex E-Tracker 2013
7 14 About as SID as it gets Pyramex E-Tracker 2005
8 13 Flappy Bird Howard Price ProTracker 2 2021
9 12 Ocean Loader v1 Pyramex E-Tracker 2014
10 11 Back to the Past Ziutek E-Tracker 2015

While the top two spots are dominated by two classic tunes, the more recent tunes are also clambering for a position. Pyramex has been rather brilliantly busy and Mr Price makes a superb 8th place debut with this year's Flappy Bird, also the only tune in the top 10 showing off what can be done with ProTracker2.

The Bacardi MOD was probably created with NoiseTracker on the Amiga and is played back with DTA's 4-bit MOD player.

DTA's 4-bit MOD player is awesome. Is the same method implemented in your latest MOD player?

My favorite of this top 10 is Arcane Zone Part 2. Just upped it's like on YT  :)

No, it's not. I must admit that I did have a quick look to consider including it. But, since it has to drive four channels (2 stereo + 2 stereo out of phase) instead of two, there is not enough time left for a volume lookup table.

And yes, Yerzmyey's tune is great, his first, and unfortunately last, tune on the SAM Coupé.

I've always had a soft spot for Sanxion, the visualisation of Pyramex's version is wonderfully insane.

If the tone frequency is equal to the frame frequency, then only 2 active channels need to be controlled in the first half of the frame and only 2 phase-shifted channels in the second half of the frame.