lots of SAM and speccy stuff going to landfill.

Hi Guys,  I'm not quite dead yet but working on it. I'm downsizing my home so all my SAM and Spectrum stuff has to go. So probably over the next few months (or years) I'll want rid of it all. Is this a good place to find folks who would love my stuff as I think it deserves or is there a better place. Sadly if I can not pass this stuff on it will end up inlandfill. I'm not selling it; I'll give it to the right person.

Someone please email me as I don't drop by here much. pasiphae1953@yahoo.co.uk.

Nev Young (yes that one!)

Hi Nev,

I’ve shared your post in the Facebook SAM Coupé User Group, I hope you don’t mind. Any chance you could upload your entire Format collection to archive.org? 


Well I am amazed. I thought there might be a bit of interest eventually, but instead I've got loads of replies / offers to take my stuff.  What with the lock down it'll be a while before I've got everything unboxed and catalogued. Sadly it's all been boxed up since I moved to Norwich in 1999! I do hope it has survived.

I'm really happy my old stuff will go to people who will love it and use it. I was rather upset at the thought that it might have just gone in a bin. Knowing it'll be safe has really uplifted me. Thanks.

When I've got a list of what I have, I'll come back here and start to share it out. Could take a few months before I'm ready to start shipping as poor health (e.g. heart attack) and the ravishes of old age have left me quite debilitated. I can barely get upstairs never mind climbing in and out of the attic! Once people can visit again I'll have a clear-out day with some local geeks who work for pizza. :-)

So good to have heard from so many folk from "the good old days".



Just to keep you all in suspense. I've catalogued over 160 items so far and uncovered my first boxed SAM. Although it doesn't look like a working one :-(. Only got about half way through my attic so far. Hope to find some "good" stuff soon. I suspect most of it won't be of interest. The main hold up isn't digging stuff out, it's waiting to get the household bins emptied where I'm putting loads of real junk as I sort through.

OK. I'm about half way through the attic and have catalogued almost 200 items.

I doubt that most of it will be of interest but you can start asking for stuff. Just go to


and let me know. It's all 1st come 1st served.  I'm starting this now as there will be 3-4 weeks before I can get more stuff out because of the backlog of general household rubbish causing a bottleneck. Once that's clear I'll be able to get more stuff "up for grabs". 

If you know of any one else who might be interested then do pass this on to them.

That's awesome Nev... Thanks for posting that... I've sent an email with only 3 or 4 items on it... 

Thanks for taking the time!

This is so generous, thanks for the donations to the community and not eBay plus kudos on the collation of all the info - my inner nerd/librarian is very happy :)

Hi Nev. Can you please make readable photos or scans of schematics ? (items 0062-0065) This may be interesting for some other SAM users.

It's been a few weeks now since the last of my stash of bits and pieces (aka junk) got shipped off or collected from my home. There is now a cavernous echo in the loft space! There were over 1200 items ranging from complete working SAMs to chips and sockets.

Thanks to everyone who took part. I really do wish I had more and could have let everyone have all they wanted. Sadly most got less then they wanted and some got nothing. Really sorry! I'm assuming everyone got their packages OK and thanks to everyone for repaying the postage costs (there is only one guy who didn't).

It is good to see that the machine is still getting software and hardware built for it. May that continue for many years to come.