Selecting link to a product rather than a person

Because the Sam Coupe Adventure Club has also been added as a "person" (or rather a publisher, as it published the game 'Flight of Fantasy' on one of its disks) any new links to it now point to the "person" rather than the "product".

What is the format of the link required to point to the product rather than the person page?

Is there another way around this. Or would it be best if the "person" version of the Sam Coupe Adventure Club was deleted.

There is the potential for this to happen to other publishers/products in the future if they share the same name, I guess.

Hmm. That's unfortunate. I don't see anything I can configure in freelinking to say which page type has priority when there is ambiguity between multiple pages with the same title. I wonder how many other cases there are?

Literal links are allowed in most contexts, so a link written as <a href="/products/sam-coupe-adventure-club">Sam Coupe Adventure Club</a> should be rendered as Sam Coupe Adventure Club, but it is a bit unfortunate that the site should have to make you write that explicitly.

It might be best if you delete the Sam Coupe Adventure Club as a publisher on that title to get around the issue for now, then. Perhaps we could even change it to SCAC and a link to the magazine can be put in the "person" bio page.

Just something to watch out for in the future, I guess. There may be the odd time where a game/demo has the same title as a publisher etc. Probably just a case of deciding which link to give priority to and rename the other one slightly.

David Munden wrote that game and we put it onto one of the club disks as a freebie. It wasn't 'published' anywhere else, but it was never intended to be a SAM Adventure Club release, so credit should probably really go to David M (IMO).

Or maybe I should look at some of the disks to refresh my memory... We put one on an issue for free and then he released another one, sort of self-published.

Edit again:
The one that he later published himself was 'The Occult Connection'.

Unlike 'The Occult Connection', David did write 'Flight of Fantasy' specifically for the SCAC, it says as much in the introduction... but I'm personally fine with it being listed under David's own name as publisher especially as it gets around the issue with products/people... the context and relationship is clear in the entry, anyway.

Nice to see you on here Dave, by the way... You make an appearance in 'Flight of Fantasy'! :)