Hardware bugs

AFAIK SAM was originally 64 colours, but had the extra intensity added on Simon Goodwins suggestion in it's pre-ASIC stage? So 128 Colours isn't a bug to my knowledge.

I'm guessing it was to recreate the effect of Spectrum BRIGHT as well as to extend the palette range.

I heard of no issues with users of the MIDI sequencer either. Perhaps it's more of a usage issue than a technical issue?

<edit >

I recall an issue when using a MIDI keyboard when using Flash in the SAM Shop.

Pressing keys seemed to effect the palette interrupts on the screen.

Perhaps this is the issue? Not really a major bug in that case.

Hmm, I wonder if it only affected MIDI IN/THRU then rather than output? - I don't have a MIDI keyboard or a copy of the Sequencer otherwise I'd give it a go to try and reproduce it.