SAM Coupé

I'm seeing a lot of Sam Coupé in the pages. For me it's always been SAM Coupé - this is what was written on the machine and SAM has always been an acronym for Son of Alan Miles / Some Amazing Micro.

Clean up or leave as is?

Once everything is in we can go through with the search and find them and zap them to SAM Coupé - I'll keep an eye out in the meantime


I’m not sure about this. Would you also capitalise it when talking about the Sam in a sentence?

How did MGT or SamCo use the terms in their letters and newsdisk?

Personally I would never use a partial name - it's a SAM Coupé. Not a Coupé, not a Sam.

The MGT wikipedia page and the SAM Computers Limited wikipedia page are all SAM - but this may have been the bias of the writer, just as I think you have a bias for Sam.

The technical manual v3.0 actually disagrees with my first statement and calls it a Coupé - but never a Sam Coupé - always a SAM Coupe (the é was hard back then :-))

It is MGT's policy that the SAM Coupe and associated MGT products should be fully documented to help third party software and hardware developers take full advantage of all the Coupe's advanced features. If you are developing a product for the Coupe and require further clarification or explanation MGT technical staff will be pleased to assist.

And then goes on to various other SAM references:

HGT is keen to support the efforts of developers. To this end we have created the MGT SAM Coupe Developers Group. For a fee of Ł50.00 we offer members of the Developers Group the following benefits:


SAM Compatible: if a product, hardware or software, works with the Coupe we can issue 'SAM Compatible' stickers for the product case or packaging.


The basic user manual uses various versions:

Title page: SAM Coupé

Intro by Mel Croucher: SAM + Sam Coupé

Intro by Alan Miles, Bruce Gordon and Rob Collins: Coupe, SAM (first reference = robot, second is computer)

Contents: SAM Coupé

Chapter 1: SAM Coupé + Sam Coupé + SAM 

Chapter 4: SAM Basic, SAM Coupé + Sam Coupé