anyone any ideas for a perfect sam coupe or sam II please?

1. disk protector unit

2. debounced Non Maskeable Interrupt button

3. saa1099 silent on reset


128KB internal contentioned video ram

128KB External uncontentioned video ram - but also able to page in to the bottom of ram (LMPR AB)
so that cpm runs at the full 6mhz

bbc basic also!

this is the zx spectrum version - non128K and you need a rom board to do it i think

56MHz zx spectrum

coming soon MIParty!

using a raspberry pie as god intended!


hi density diskinterface for the zx spectrum thatgives you a DMA to play with…

spectra interface 64 colours and 4 pixel attributes


please could we have something with the feel of the asmtrad cpc and zx spectrum keyboards - each key has two springs instead of a rubber membrane beneath it

Hi density disk interface with DMA

hi density disk interface for the zx spectrum includes a DMA which means you can have 8 pixel attributes just like mode 2 on sam
anyone know how to get extended density support please?

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