Street Fighter 1


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DTA_StreetFighter1_v1.mgt (800 KB)

Street Fighter game conversion from Amiga/Atari ST.

There are two version of game on one disk:

1. For 512 KB memory only.
At the beginning of each fight, the required graphic are loaded from disk.

2. For minimum 256 KB of basic memory with 1 MB ram module extension.
Entire game is loaded in ram and no longer needs disk.
Also, in game is added next layer of background for sky.
Attention: Game detects only the first 1MB module (pages 0-63)!

Control keys:
Keyboard (Arrow keys and Cntrl)
P pause
M music on/off
Esc end fight
F1 ?
F2 ?

If you like this conversion, please support the author in the next activity by sending a few euros to account:
SK02 8120 0000 0086 2183 6931

Street Fighter 1

This is great, really nice conversion! It’s not easy, I am stuck at second opponent.

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