Invasion II



Warren Lee

Warren Lee

Warren Lee


Published on cover disk of issue 10 of Sam Revival.

“Although originally written in 1996, Invasion II was never released until now. Invasion II is a platform adventure game where you have to battle against the invading aliens. Warren has paid particular attention to detail with all the animation and scenery, as well as a fully animated introduction.” (From the description for issue 10 of Sam Revival)

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The ‘Your Sinclair’ insert of issue 9 of Retro Gamer:
“Issue 10’s cover disk contains the full game Invasion II, originally written in 1996 but never released. The game itself is a platform-action-adventure-sci-fi-(snip! Ed) romp in which you have to blast the hell outta the oncoming foe.”
Screenshot caption: “With quality games like this, makes you wonder why the Sam never took off”

Number 10 in the “Top Ten Games” article on the SAM Coupe, in issue 74 of Retro Gamer:
“The original Invasion was a simple shoot-‘em-up written in GamesMaster that appeared on FRED (issue 58). Several years later, author Warren Lee fired up GamesMaster again and produced this top-quality sequel, which is a platformer rather than a shooter. Clearly inspired by games like Impossible Mission and Flashback, you have to infiltrate an enemy base while trying to keep your head (which seems to get removed from your shoulders all too often). The graphics are small but detailed, and the quality of animation is generally excellent. If you fancy your chances against the alien threat, the game was featured exclusively on the coverdisk of SAM Revival issue 10.”

The alien hand in the introduction is based on the similar shot in the title sequence of the film ‘Alien 3’, and the news reader is based on Dick Jones (Ronny Cox) in the film ‘Robocop’

On the very first level, hold down C, H and T at the same time to access the cheat option. Type ‘1138’ for the code (Carefully, as it picks up the next number very quickly, if you hold down the button too long). When it returns to the game, you should see ‘TEST MODE ACTIVE’ at the top of the screen. You can now press ‘N’ on any level/screen to jump to the next level/screen (Will get you to, but not past the final monster).